“Love, beauty, joy, happiness and hope… these are some of the inspirational forces that drive my work.”
Bina Mirza
As a contemporary, Canadian visual artist, I have merged sculptural relief with oil and acrylic painting to create three-dimensional representations of the places that have inspired me in my life.

Texture and colour are the principal elements emphasized throughout my work that enable me to make an otherwise flat surface come to life. By exploring various textural components through collage I have been able to bring a depth to the canvas that is truly unique. Adding colour is essential in developing the emotional aspect of my work for it can evoke memories, soothe and calm the mind, or awaken and stimulate the senses.

Viewers can derive their own appreciation for the pure and simple beauty of the landscape embodied in the paintings when natural elements are brought together with brilliant hues. Our environment shapes our understanding and our perceptions, by integrating nature into my art, the canvas becomes a window to the magnificent world around us.

“Sculpture rather than painting” were words once spoken of Lawren Harris’ canvas “First Snow”, words that speak to the very essence of what I strive  to capture.


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